In the News: It’s time to fix the broken higher education transfer pipeline

Just 13 percent of students who enter community college earn a degree within six years, even though 80 percent indicate that that’s their goal. This leaky transfer pipeline has many holes that can and must be addressed. Tackling Transfer Policy Advisory Board members recommend state and higher education leaders take the following steps to address systemic barriers that keep too many community college transfer students from completing degrees that lead to successful careers.

In the News: New Op-Ed Released as Part of Tackling Transfer Initiative

For colleges and universities to fully foster social mobility and develop America’s talent, successful transfer is critical, especially for the more than 8.7 million students enrolled nationally in community colleges. The Tackling Transfer Policy Advisory Board will challenge the status quo and make strong and clear recommendations for state transfer policy that will lead to equitable transfer student outcomes. This is the first in a series of forthcoming publications produced by Tackling Transfer board members that will examine the state policy conditions needed to drive scaled and measurable improvements for transfer students.