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Building capacity for large-scale change in higher education

At Sova, we partner with higher education systems and institutions, associations, and philanthropies to achieve large-scale change through careful attention to actionable strategy and practical implementation support.

About Sova

Sova focuses on improving the quality and accelerating the pace of complex problem-solving in the areas of higher education and workforce development. Animated by a core commitment to advancing equitable socioeconomic mobility for more Americans, Sova pursues its mission through distinctive approaches with strategic planning, will-building, implementation support, and program design and improvement.

By applying cross-disciplinary insights and expertise in stakeholder analysis and engagement, implementation science, process engineering, and deliberative democracy we help our clients take advantage of the untapped insights of the people they depend on to make significant, lasting change. For organizations working to improve student success outcomes, we help leaders avoid pitfalls as they move from strategy to action, from solution to implementation, and from pilot to scaled intervention.

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Sova Services

Sova is uniquely skilled in working side-by-side with higher education leaders to develop student success strategies, build will for change, engage critical stakeholders in collective problem-solving, and support the implementation and scale of key initiatives.

Our work is based on the conviction that sustainable, scalable, high-quality innovation in higher education and workforce development must be designed and implemented with rigorous attention to the human dimensions of change. No evidence for change is strong enough and no idea is good enough, to take the place of high-functioning teams capable of effective design, implementation, and improvement. We meet our clients where they are and help them navigate their way to what they need.

Sova helps in the following ways:

We equip higher education leaders and the institutions they serve with the skills and strategies they need to build healthy, inclusive cultures for student success innovation. We provide grounded insight to institutional climate along with neutral facilitation to help leaders navigate complex challenges. Through a post-heroic approach to leadership training and development, we build the capacity of leaders at every level to cultivate high-functioning and responsive teams capable of working across professional silos to better meet the evolving needs of today’s diverse student populations.

We empower higher education leaders and the institutions they serve to build genuine and durable will for large-scale, student-focused change. By providing equity-minded stakeholder analysis and issue framing, we help institutions generate, sustain, and expand momentum around key reform efforts. Leaders at every level better understand how to build and maintain communication and engagement practices that undergird healthy, inclusive institutional cultures.

We partner with philanthropies and leaders in higher education to design strategies and improve programs to better meet the evolving needs of higher education organizations and the students they serve. Through careful listening, thoughtful facilitation, and shoulder-to-shoulder support, we guide leaders and their teams through the complexities of strategy and program development resulting in responsive, innovative, and sustainable programs designed to support and accelerate large-scale change efforts.

We support leaders and teams of higher education advocacy and membership organizations to successfully implement new or revitalized programs and services. Drawing on decades of experience in implementation science, process improvement, and project management, we help build capacity to assess resource realities, create action plans for success, and monitor progress towards goals. When appropriate, we also provide ongoing consultation and hands-on support to implementation efforts.


We leverage various Sova team members who represent a diverse set of technical and subject matter expertise including Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEI&B). Our focus centers on operationalizing and activating equity—from ideation to strategy, from strategy to casemaking and implementation, and ultimately to evaluation and assessment through monitoring.

Who Sova Works With

Driven by a commitment to genuine upward mobility through higher education, we support colleges and universities, higher education systems, advocacy and membership organizations, and philanthropies dedicated to student-focused innovation on behalf of better and more equitable outcomes for today’s learners.